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Sandstone Medical Solutions is a professional services firm that specializes in a variety of healthcare industry back office solutions including accounting, billing, human resources and IT solution services.

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Assets = Liabilities + Equity

We know accounting. We make sure all the equations add up correctly. Assets and liabilities and equity are all equally as important. Not one is more important than the other. We watch each component like a hawk. We report on the numbers to the penny. Nothing out of line or incorrect. We know accounting.

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Time is money

Time is so important to business executives. Time is one of the most important components of business accounting. Keeping track of when an event happened and how it will affect an account is important and we take it very seriously. If we make a mistake with time, ultimately it could cost a business real money in errors and miscalculations. So, time is money is an age-old saying and still holds true today.

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Sandstone Medical Solutions is located in the Northwest part of Las Vegas. We’re conveniently located just off US 95 & Cheyenne, across the street from Mountain View Hospital.

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