Accounting is the examination, processing, and communication of financial information about businesses and corporations.

What does Sandstone do for their clients?

Tax Planning & Preparation

At Sandstone Medical Solutions, there’s much more to tax planning and preparation than completing state and federal tax returns.

We also prepare year-end business documents, such as IRS owner K-1, employee W-2 and 1099-Misc forms.

Our client’s can also give us authority to represent their interests regarding notices, information requests or audits from the Internal Revenue Service.

Additionally, we guide our clients in establishing business entities that create the most favorable tax scenarios. We help identify the best tax solutions and then aid in the creation of entities that make the best tax sense for the company.

Operational Bookkeeping & Payroll

All of our clients are great at providing the product or service that is the backbone of their business. But a large number of them aren’t usually experts at the best financial aspects of running their business.¬†Sandstone Medical Solutions can assist with this.

We receive copies of business bank accounts and other documents from our clients. These items can be sent to us, so that we can help maintain accurate cash flow records.

We can create profit and loss statements that break down key areas of costs and revenue streams.

We can assist with accounts receivable and manage outgoing monies that include vendor payments and payroll processing.

We can also help ensure that required federal employment paperwork for on-boarding employees and independent contractors is completed so that the company can issue year-end payment documents.

Business Development & Valuation

Sandstone Medical Solutions is integral when a client needs to create a valuation report or obtain audits that most financing firms require.

When a client seeks a loan or funding from a private or public investor, the business needs to be legitimately and accurately valued. It is also necessary for possible mergers or purchases.

We are able to look at previous years’ revenues, accounts of the business and growth patterns to determine a realistic valuation of the business to give to potential investors or buyers.

We can also help new businesses with pro forma financial statements and projections. Pro forma financials are normally used for initial funding or for business expansion. We will use industry data, along with existing company financial history, to calculate the data.